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Chinara Munduzbaeva

Master-class Tulips

22 of April 2007

Ikebana masters Chinara Munduzbaeva and Olga Yudina



Our guest Cees van Dijk,
freelance florist / designer from the Netherlands and his feelings by the Tulip!

Every flower has its own characteristic, the tulip is in that way a special flower for me. Not only because the tulip is our national flower but its also a flower that gives me special feelings!

After a period of dark and cold weather winter time its good when I see earth start to cracks open and the first green tops of springtime flowers like crocus, daffodil, muscari and tulips rising up, than I know soon it will be springtime and that means a lot of new life and that gives me new energy!

After a couple of weeks all those bulb flowers blooming in different colours, thats a fantastic view it makes me happy.

As a florist I like to work with flowers which pass trough a clear cycle like the tulip do, it pass trough a developmental cycle from bud to full bloom to fading, but the tulip is also a flower that still growing on water and that make this flower difficult to work with in a composition because after one day it can be disturb the line or balance in a composition.

What I prefer is to make bouquets with only tulips in and put it in a nice vase, than you have the possibility to enjoy the character of this flower, from bud till full blooming, they growing what give the bouquet a particular movement, till fading.


Compositions by Chinara Munduzbaeva

Compositions by Olga Yudina

Compositions by Chinara's students

Natalia Pavlova

Neonila Efimova

Vera Senicheva



Irina Shipuleva



Students' compositions

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